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Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) is a national project. Its goal is to help companies hire people who are on the autism spectrum or have an intellectual disability.

RWA is a partnership of Inclusion Canada, the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA), and their member organizations. It is supported by the Government of Canada.

RWA provides customized inclusive hiring support to companies across Canada. It connects companies that are hiring with qualified candidates who are on the autism spectrum or have an intellectual disability.

To connect with a RWA team member in your area, please visit the RWA website.

The Inclusive Workplace is a resource hub for job seekers and employees, businesses, and employment agencies. It focuses on inclusive employment in Canada during COVID-19 and beyond.

The Inclusive Workplace provides many resources for businesses. These resources might be useful to companies that are hiring inclusively and already working with RWA.

The Inclusive Workplace is an initiative of Ready, Willing and Able, a partnership of the Autism Alliance of Canada and Inclusion Canada. This work is made possible by the generous support of the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund.
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